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    1. Integrated Postal Reform and Development Plan (IPDP)  
    2. Universal Service & Regulation  
    1. Direct and digital marketing   
    2. EMS    
    3. Electronic Services    
    4. International physical postal services   
    5. Philately 
    1. Postal financial services  
    2. Fund transfers (introduction of international Express Money Order) 
    1. Addresses and Postcodes
    2. Customs   
    3. Postal Transport  
    4. Terminal Dues and Transit Charges  
    5. UPU Standards 
    1. Dangerous goods and lithium batteries 
    2. Quality of Service Fund (QSF)  
    3. Postal Security   
    4. Quality of service new approach  
    5. Disaster Risk Management
    1. Cost Accounting   
    2. Project Management 
    3. Statistics
    4. Key account management
    1. Training for course designers   
    2. Training the trainer  
    3. Management and development of postal training  
    Courses in IPS
      1. IPS Database maintenance and monitoring  
      2. IPS Database replication  
      3. Using IPS for inbound mail  


4. Using IPS for outbound mail  
      5. IPS mandatory configuration tasks
      6. IPS recommended configuration tasks
    Courses in IFS   
      1. Incoming transactions  
      2. Introduction and logging on to IFS  
      3. Management Guide  
      4. Outgoing transactions  
      5. Reimbursing and cancelling money order  
      6. Tracking and tracing money orders  
      7. IFS - issuing domestic money orders
      8. IFS - paying domestic money orders
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