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Within the framework of the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, which is based on a simpler and more user-friendly training approach, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participant trainees several important courses in the programme. One of them is dealing with « Statistics ». This course is made up of three modules.
Its aims is :
          - to provide officials working in post offices with knowledge and skills required for compiling and using postal statistics.

NOTE  : The learner may choose the language in which to follow the courses (Arabic, English, French or Spanish), via the relevant home page.

  Introduction of the course
    - General aims
- Course duration
- Entry requirements
  Module 1 : Basic Principles
    Section 1 : Statistical survey
    Section 2 : Collection of data
    Section 3 : Classification and Tabulation
    Section 4 : Diagrammatic and Graphic presentation
    Section 5 : Index Numbers
  Module 2 : Statistical Analysis
    Section 1 : The shape of the data’s distribution
    Section 2 : Correlation and Regression
  Module 3 : Compilation of Postal Statistics
    Section 1 : Postal Statistics
    Section 2 : Statistical survey
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