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Within the framework of the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, which is based on a simpler and more user-friendly training approach, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participant trainees several important courses in Postal Operation training field. One of them is dealing with «Postal Financial Services». This course is made up of three modules.
Its aims is to provide postal managers with knowledge and skills that will help them to make the right decision for the future development of postal financial services.
Target population :
Postal managers responsible for financial services in general and Postal retail banking in particular.

NOTE  : The learner may choose the language in which to follow the courses (Arabic, English, French or Spanish), via the relevant home page.

  Introduction of the course
  Module 1 : The Role of Postal Organisations in Financial Sector Development
    Section 1 : Financial Sector
    Section 2 : Providers of Financial Services
    Section 3 : Customer Needs and Expectations
  Module 2 : Plan for Development of Postal Retail Banking Services
    Section 1 : Business Concept
    Section 2 : Business Model
    Section 3 : Operational Structure
    Section 4 : Project Organisation
  Module 3 : Best Practices in Postal Financial Services
    Section 1 : Europe
    Section 2 : Other States
    Section 3 : Best Practices
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