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Within the framework of the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, which is based on a simpler and more user-friendly training approach, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participant trainees, in Postal Technologies training field, several important courses in the programme. One of them is dealing with Using IPS for outbound mail.

General Aims:

When you have successfully completed this module, you will understand the processes involved in IPS when you receive international mail at your organization from the sending customer and send it on to another country.
       You will be able to:
          - Explain the principles of the outbound process.
          - Name the events which occur in the outbound process.
          - Name the EDI messages IPS generates in the outbound process.
          - Enter international outbound mail items in IPS.
          - Create and close receptacles and dispatches.
          - Track and trace items in IPS.

Target Population :

This course is intended for anyone who needs to know about receiving international mail items from the sending customer, how they are sent on to another country and how they can be tracked and traced using IPS.
    This course is for you if:
       - Your organization uses IPS.
       - You receive international mail items.
       - You need to understand EDI messages.
       - You need to track the progress of mail items until they reach their final destination.

NOTE  : The learner may choose the language in which to follow the courses (Arabic, English, French or Spanish), via the relevant home page.

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