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Within the framework of the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, which is based on a simpler and more user-friendly training approach, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participant trainees, in Postal Products training field, several important courses in the programme. One of them is dealing with «International physical postal services ». This course is made up of five modules.

General Aims:       

  1. To gain an understanding of International Physical Postal Services (IPPS) defined in the UPU Acts, their characteristics, categorisation and classification
  2. To provide officials developing or managing international physical postal services with knowledge and skills required to effectively differentiate the services
  3. To equip sales and marketing officials responsible for international physical postal services with required product knowledge for effective and targeted sales and marketing effort
  4. To reinforce the knowledge of international postal service or international affairs staff with the characteristics, categorisation and classification of international physical postal services
  5. To gain knowledge of the Integrated Product Plan (IPP) process adopted by the UPU to rationalise and modernise the portfolio of international physical postal services.

Target Population :

Following categories of staff working in the postal sector:

  • Product Managers and Product Developers
  • International Postal Service Managers and International Affairs Officers
  • Sales and Marketing managers
  • Customer care personnel

Entry Requirements :

  1. Good & sufficient knowledge about postal service, postal operations and UPU physical products
  2. Basic knowledge about the regulations governing UPU physical postal products
  3. Minimum five years of work experience in the postal sector which should preferably include  one or two years of working in the operative offices.

Duration of the course :

16 hours.

  Module 1 : The UPU and its mission
  Module 2 : Broad classification and categorisation of international physical postal services
  Module 3 : Documents – Letter-post items
  Module 4 : Goods – Letter-post items and Parcel-post items
  Module 5 : The Integrated Product Plan (IPP) – broad overview
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